8 Things That Happy Couples Do Before They Sleep

What differentiates a happy couple from a couple without a future? It may be a matter of destiny and that red thread that unites some people or may be the daily effort that is dedicated to the relationship. Because it is true that small details and daily gestures make the difference.

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That’s why we tell you about the things that happy couples do before they sleep. Do you do any of them?

Things that happy couples do before they sleep

A happy couple is achieved working as a team every day and if it is true that we should not let the routine settle in the relationship, it is not that certain that there are some very positive daily habits for couples.


  1. Speak

These are the 8 things that happy couples The happy couples tell us that every night, before they sleep, they talk for a while. But they do not talk about how their day has gone, they also talk about their emotions, they get naked talking honestly and honestly.


  1. Book a few minutes without children

Couples with children are more difficult to share intimate moments, but you always have to try. Laying the children and spend that time alone with your partner, with sex or without sex, simply to have a moment of life as a couple.


  1. Lying at the same time

One of the most beneficial routines for the couple is to go to the same time, something that cannot always be done for work reasons. Again, a shared effort is required to get into bed at the same time and end the day together.


  1. A hug

The gesture that accompanies that lying down together can be an embrace of those who speak for themselves. A hug that says ‘I love you’ better than words or ‘count on me’.


  1. Forgetting the phone

New technologies can be allied to love, but they can also create great walls between the couple. While your partner talks to you, you are answering your friend on Facebook … happy couples forget the phone before sleeping to dedicate it exclusively to each other.


  1. Disconnect from work

These are the 8 things that happy couples Sometimes it is inevitable to take your work home and talk with your partner about the problems you have had. And it’s okay, who are you going to comment with if it’s not with your partner? But before sleeping you have to disconnect. Those minutes before sleep are reserved for you and your partner. And anyone else.


  1. Not having a couple discussion

They say that happy couples never go to bed angry. That’s why it’s better to leave to a possible couple’s argument for tomorrow. If the subject is tricky, the bed is not the best place to discuss it with serenity.


  1. The kiss of good night

It is not written anywhere that the sexual life of a couple has to develop in bed and just before sleep. That’s not bad, but sometimes you can not. However, what can not be missed every night is to kiss as a couple, to kiss from those who remember why you are together.


And you, what do you do with your partner before going to sleep?




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