8 Things You Should Not Tolerate In A Relationship

People are jealous and controlling with the things they want and are worried about losing, but having those feelings in a relationship can exceed the limits and cause it to become toxic and those involved get damaged.

Therefore, to help you find out if you are with the right person, here are the things you should not tolerate in a relationship.

1.- He/she blames you for everything

A relationship is two people and the mistakes made within it are the fault of both. Making you feel guilty is their way of getting rid of the problem.

2.- Disrespect

Respect is one of the most important values ​​for a relationship to move forward and continue to strengthen over time.

3.- He/she has no confidence

Trust is very important, and if the other person did not exist, he could not enjoy his moments alone.

4.- Secret relationship

Now with the existence of social networks, people usually post moments with their partner. If it’s been months and your boy hasn’t put anything on it, better talk to him.

5.- He/she still doesn’t introduce you to his/her family

It is normal for people to take time to present their partner to friends and family, but it is not that you should wait years for that to happen.

6.- You are not his/her priority

Your partner will always be someone very important in your life, so sometimes it must be about some things or people. However, if your boy/girl always leaves you last, they better talk about it.

7.- Try to control yourself

Most likely, you want to spend time with your friends, as with your partner. However, if your boy always gets upset when you tell him that you will date them, you should think about that relationship well.

8.- Forced sex

Many women have happened that they do not want to have sex with their partner for different reasons. This is something he must respect, but if he does force you, it is best to step aside.

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