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8 Tips To Improve Your Memory And Increase Productivity

Exercise your memory as much as possible to encourage the information you have accumulated throughout the day to be stored in long-term memory.

This is one piece of advice to increase this capacity, but there are others. Get to know some useful ideas to increase memory in every way.

Tips on how to improve your memory

  1. Keep your stress level low, because anxiety makes you lose focus by staying focused on random things.
  2. Close your eyes or look up if you need to remember something. When the eyes are open, the brain is busy trying to decipher what is being visualized
  3. To remember names, focus on people’s faces and create a story or image by associating the person’s name with their face.
  4. If you usually find the answer to your questions on the Internet, you may be missing out on the opportunity to memorize important facts.
  5. Walking can increase your memory capacity, as can sleep.
  6. Eating foods that contain flavonoids (such as grapes, tea leaves, cocoa, etc.) can help brain neurons to form new memories.
  7. Learning a new language can help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s in some people
  8. Some vitamins also help to fight forgetfulness and memory loss, such as vitamin B3, present in beef, carrots, fish, chicken, green leaves, among others.

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