8 Websites You Can Legally Download Free Books

Many times you need to access books for which there are few copies, some books are regarded precious by libraries and may not lend them easily. Yet you need to study the book at your own free time.

You can legally use the following 8 websites to download books for free, without violating copyright and obtaining them legally. 

1.Editorial Dream Traders

The Traficantes de Sueños  publishing house and a symbol of social movements. All their publications have copyleft (distribution of copies and modified versions of a work or other work) and can be downloaded in .pdf format. 


Bubok  publishes on demand and provides many free books, and other .pdf payment, by desire of their authors. Search the different categories and find what you want.  

3.Gutenberg Project

Project Gutenberg  is a library of free known public domain ebooks extremely well known. In general, it offers books in .epub and .mobi format (Kindle).   

4. Europeana

Europeana  is the largest digital library in Europe and offers numerousbooks in digital format and in general in the public domain. All works can be found in each of the official languages ​​of the European Union.

5. Amazon

Amazon  is one of the most extensive and respected online sales stores worldwide also offers free ebooks for Kindle, mainly the classic works of literature in Spanish, English and French. 

6. Anarres

The Publisher Anarres  disseminates the anarchist ideology free of charge, in .pdf format.


Wikisource  is a virtual library with books free of copyright and in .pdf format.

8. Libroteca

Libroteca  puts almost 9,000 free works available to the public, free of copyright.

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