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9 Free Video Calling Apps For Making Meetings

Group video calling applications are becoming an essential tool these days, the confinement due to the arrival of the coronavirus has turned our lives and our way of working and relating upside down.

Video calling apps are not something new and there are some well-known ones such as Skype or Google Hangout and they allow us to organize remote meetings, making it easier to communicate from home with coworkers, clients, friends, family …

In addition to being able to talk in groups in some cases allow other useful options such as sharing screens, documents, recording sessions etc.

This is a compilation of 9 free apps for remote work meetings.

1. Skype

One of the best known, Skype offers the possibility of making individual and group calls or video calls, it is free, it allows us to share the screen, send us instant messages, record the screen and share files. You just have to install Skype on your computer, mobile or tablet.

2. Google Hangouts

Google Hangout offers us the possibility of conducting live and group videoconferences (up to 15 users on PC or 10 on mobile), it also has instant messaging and calls.

It is free and all we need to use is to have a Google account and the Google video chat plugin. Group document editing can be added to facilitate cooperative work. It has an option called Hangout On Air, where you can give a talk to an unlimited number of people, but without the possibility of interaction, then the content taught can be stored on our YouTube channel.

3. Zoom

This is a favorite for many companies. With Zoom we can make video calls from the web without having to install anything, we just need to create an account on the website. It allows us to make groups of up to 50 people in the meeting for free.

With this platform we have instant messaging chat and also a virtual whiteboard that all users can see. The only thing to keep in mind is that in its free mode, the maximum duration of calls is 40 minutes.

4. Google Duo

Google Duo is another Google tool to make video calls, unlike Google Hangout it does not need to be synchronized with a Gmail account, it works with phone numbers. This application is only for making calls or video calls, it does not give us the possibility of having an internal chat or sending files or sharing a screen. It’s just the call. There can be up to 8 participants on the call.

5. Videolink2me

Videolink2me is a free app that allows you to make video calls, you just have to set up the meeting and send a link to all those you want to participate, it can be integrated with slack, it allows screen sharing …

6. Whatsapp

The WhatsApp video call option is quite well known. It allows us to make calls with up to four participants, for this we have to first initiate a call with one participant and then add the other two. It does not offer the possibilities of other applications such as recording or sharing the screen, but we can continue using WhatsApp while the call is in progress.

7 Instagram and Facebook Messenger

These two social networks have included in their services the possibility of making group video calls of between 4 and 6 people. These tools only allow us to make the video call, they do not have any kind of extra like screen sharing or sharing documents and files.

8. Teams

Microsoft Teams offers the ability to video conference up to 20 people, have instant chat, notes, planners, and collaboration content from Microsoft Office Online. In addition, it offers us a common work space where we can work as a team. It is a tool specially designed for remote teamwork in a company. It offers the possibility of holding live events for up to 10,000 attendees and lasting 4 hours.


The platform in its free version allows videoconferences or meetings, we can share screen, share presentations or put a full screen, while the meeting or conference is taking place. Meetings can have a total of 250 participants, and it is also possible to schedule these meetings in advance so that users can join as they arrive. They have paid versions that offer even more options and features.

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