9 Genuine Signs Of Intelligence You Can’t Fake

Albert Einstein who is considered as one of the geniuses the world has ever had, once said our education system is designed like, making a monkey, an elephant and a fish all to climb a tree.

This means that we cannot measure our intelligence based on the performance of our academic progress.

Going to school and being excellent is just one of the many branches of being intelligent in our world

With this in mind, we look at 9 genuine signs that show presence of intelligence in other fields and we cannot ignore or fake it.

  1. You Are Empathetic Towards Others
  2. You Understand How Much You Don’t Know
  3. Curiosity runs you
  4. You do not underestimate or overestimate yourself
  5. You are an expert in Sarcasm and random silly jokes
  6. You embrace solitude and avoid unnecessary actions or conversations
  7. The most odd hours of the night are the most productive hours for you
  8. You Like to Chew ‘Gums
  9. You take smart and short naps often

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