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Advantages Of Changing Partners Every 5 Years

As we always walk behind the track that leads to happiness in relationships we search and look for theories that will help us to carry out our plan. The plan is to have happy and we have run into a theory that says changing partners every 5 years is the secret of happiness. We analyze the pros and cons.

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Advantages of changing partners every 5 years

More and more voices are warning of an error in the system of loving thought. Love is not forever, something we already intuited given the bulging sentimental history. If the infatuation is passed and the love does not last forever, it seems that it gives us an average of 5 years of happiness as a couple. After those 5 years, everything vanishes.

That’s why some love gurus propose changing partners every 5 years. Well looked, it is not a bad option. Focusing your new relationship as a 5-year love contract guarantees a good season of happy life as a couple and avoids having to face a lack of love by surprise.

After 5 years, the love died . And it is a way like any other to meet people, to increase your love experience and to become more wise in love and in life. Because we already know that interpersonal relationships enrich. Imagine changing partners every 5 years, imagine falling in love every 5 years and living a long honeymoon for 5 years.

Disadvantages of changing partners every 5 years

This dream of love with expiration date fades a little when we think about the disadvantages of changing partners every 5 years. Depending on where you have established the love nest, it can be a hassle to change the floors every 5 years, so it will be better if the coexistence is in your own home and it is he who moves after the break.

We also find some difficulty when presenting your boyfriend to your parents, your family, your friends or your co-workers knowing how you know that in 5 years you will have to introduce them to another boyfriend. What if they have taken care of him? This setback is solved by reducing family life to a minimum, but can be uncomfortable.

Nor can we forget that it is not positive to chain one relationship with another. We understand that in order to change partners every 5 years before, a period of mourning and reflection about the breakup of a couple must pass. And nobody wants to suffer for love. Or maybe knowing beforehand when your love story is going to end, the break hurts less. Who knows, everything is a matter of trying.



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