Akothee Dumps Mombasa Boyfriend Nelly Oaks

Singer Akothee has dumped her boyfriend Nelly Oaks

Nelly Oaks who was also her manager has been in missing for a couple of months until Akothee introduced a new Nigerian hunk known as Benjamin Omesiete as her new brand manager.

“Meet Mr Benjamin Omesiete the official manager of brand Akothee to all corporates. Feel free to talk to us…We are ready for business,” Akothee wrote.

Benjamin appears to understand Nigerian entertainment scene very well

He is the CEO of Askana Music, 2nite Entertainment as well as a manager at Aknotela Entertainment Ltd, a marketing agency. He is also a close confidant of popular Nigerian artist Mr. Flavour.

Akothee also shared a small snippet of Nelly’s whereabouts

“For those asking where my Nelly Oaks went to. He has gone back to school for his Master’s degree. Let’s all wish him the best of luck. Tuache wivu and congratulate him…”

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