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A casting for an epic Kenyan short film that explores the lives that are impacted by the ivory trade, shooting late 2017.
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Set in present day Kenya, we are looking for strong actors who want to come on this exciting journey with us.
To apply for an audition please e-mail:, stating the role you would like to read for in the subject line.
Please send a recent headshot and a brief paragraph stating your acting experience in the body of the e-mail.
If successful, we will be in touch to schedule an audition for Monday 31st July.
Thank you and break a leg!
Mutua (30 – 37) Hard-working, intense and a family man. Mutua has something uneasy about him – he doesn’t trust very easily and is always looking to make a deal.
Juma – (Lenny away until Dec 6th) (53-63) A larger than life character with a friendliness about him. A wise, trusted man.
Kennedy (40-45) He is the Head Ranger. Follows orders and procedure to the letter. He wouldn’t outwardly question authority which sometimes causes tension within his team.
Saitoti (28-34) The more cynical of all the rangers. He has a hard edge to him and often quietly questions authority and decisions.
George (30-35) The joker of the group. He works hard but works harder at keeping things light and his teammates laughing.
Esther (27-33) One of the few female rangers in the group, Esther can hold her own amongst the boys. She is a focused, hard worker.
Ngina (25-30) Mutua’s patient wife. She is the mother of two young twins and she holds the family together. She is strong-minded and kind.
Hassan (45-55) Somali heritage. The cold-hearted, ruthless and calculating leader of a gang. The ‘brains’ of the operation.
Abdullahi (35-40) Somali heritage. Totally loyal to Hassan and physically violent. The ‘brawn’ of the operation.
Two gang members (20-35) Somali heritage. These two don’t speak as much as they intimidate victims with their presence.
Police Chief Ndegwa (50-57) A wheeler dealer, a charmer, but with the ability to be harsh. He has seen a lot in his many years as a policeman in Kenya.

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