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Apply For Youth Business Leader Opportunity At Educate Enterprise!

Educate!, a fast-growing non-profit social enterprise, is looking for our first Youth Business Leader to implement strategies that ensure our impact is reached across community units in Kenya. The youth leader joins at a pivotal moment of our growth as we move towards our Vision for 2024 of reaching one million youth annually in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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The Youth Business Leader can expect to work with a motivated and overachieving team and gain excellent training and leadership development experience.

Educate! works to transform education in Africa to teach youth to solve poverty for themselves and their communities.

Educate! provides youth with skills training in leadership, entrepreneurship and workforce readiness along with mentorship to start real businesses at school. Our model is delivered through practically-trained teachers and youth mentors. Educate!’s goal is to make this practical, skills-based model part of national education systems.

In 2017 we’re launching in Kenya, working in 120 secondary schools in Rwanda and 450 schools in Uganda (15% of the country) reaching over 25,000 students intensively and 360,000 more broadly. Our model was proven to have massive impact in a randomized controlled trial. Graduates earned DOUBLE the income of a control group and had a 64% increase in business creation. Our graduates change their lives and their communities, such as Lillian Aero who employs over 100 AIDS-affected women.

In 2012 Educate! partnered with Uganda’s government to integrate curriculum and a student business club structure into Uganda’s entrepreneurship course nationally, in 2015 we served as a technical advisor to Rwanda on their secondary education reform, and in 2016 we began serving as a technical advisor to Kenya on their national curriculum reform.

Educate!’s team includes 130 staff and over 200 volunteer youth mentors. We have been backed by top foundations such as MasterCard, Big Bang Philanthropy, Mulago, Echoing Green, Ashoka and Global Innovation Fund. Educate! won the 2015 WISE Awards, and was featured by Bill Gates, Forbes 30 under 30, Clinton Global Initiative and The Brookings Institution as one of 14 case studies in their global scaling education learning initiative.

Educate!’s Vision for 2024 is to measurably impact 1 million students and reach 4 million students more broadly across Africa each year.

Responsibilities for the Youth Business Leader Job

Administrative Support (35%)

  • Oversee and manage all logistics for events, meetings, trainings, and inductions in the Community Unit.
  • Successfully track and maintain graduates and key leads in the Community Unit in a database.
  • Document changes and key lessons learned and share with the Programs Team in Kenya.
  • Provide termly reports to the Kenya Programs Director.

Graduate Support (20%)

  • Coach and support future mentors in driving forward the Educate! Program in areas such as school business clubs.
  • Leading monitoring of fellow businesses and community initiatives.
  • Oversee communication with graduates in community unit and constantly provide updates on community unit activities and programs.

Short Course Training and University Clubs (20%)

  • Select Junior Mentors to attend the training.
  • Conduct an annual 5 day training for graduates selected to be Junior Mentors to run the short course in their communities.
  • Oversee communication and track and document progress updates from Junior Mentors after training.
  • Launch University Clubs at universities and tertiary institutions in community unit districts. Train and support University Club executive committees.

Mentor Fellow Recruitment (15%)

  • Support the Programs team in the recruitment of mentors.
  • Lead selection of top-graduate mentors for the Kenya program.
  • Oversee and Implement strategies to ensure a steady pipeline of potential mentors.
  • Ensure the Community Unit is at all times well resourced with graduates and potential mentors.

Youth Business Leader Job Qualifications

  • Has a business, social enterprise or has gone through the Educate! short course training. (Preferred)
  • Undergraduate college degree or diploma.
  • Proven ability to be a trainer of trainers – to coach, advise and support young mentors to empower their students.
  • Event management skills—including the ability to keep track of multiple activities, planning, and mobilizing resources in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Strong organizational, writing and communication skills, explaining clear expectations, having attention to detail, and providing clear written communication in a timely manner.
  • Demonstrated ability to contribute effectively as a member of a team and persuasive in promoting Educate! program and values to students, teachers, administrators, government, and community members.
  • Fits our Five Cultural Tenets (see What is Educate! About? below); Learn more by looking at Educate!’s culture deck here

Location is Kenya. Candidate may be required to travel within or outside the country.


How to Apply

Intrigued? Please visit here to apply. You will be asked to upload a resume, and your response to the following questions:

Put yourself in a Program Officer’s shoes. Pretend you are presenting the opportunity to work with Educate! to a high school principal. How would you present the opportunity, what would your pitch be?

Create and share with us a brief work plan (Half a page) of a training you’d organise in a community unit, showing us the things that have to happen for the event to be successful.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis with priority to close this position by Thursday March 30th.



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