Benefits Of Hiring An Intern

For many students who finish their bachelor’s or master’s degrees, the time has come to start their professional lives.

Even so, there are also many students who have had opportunities for employment or volunteering during the time they have been studying. But it is known that at the outset, to make a qualitative leap, it will be necessary to go through the internship experience.

This can be an extremely edifying moment, especially if you have the opportunity to do an internship in your training area, get to know the reality of the profession you have always wanted or are in an internship context that allows you to become a company employee.

 However, we know that a part of these students may not be in this situation, ending up feeling the internship as another obligation or effort that they will have to make in order to enter the job market.

Maintaining the right attitude in times of uncertainty

In fact, there are sets of factors that externally influence the student who is preparing to enter an internship. The job market for a given profession or degree may be saturated, the economy may be down, leading to unemployment or it is simply not yet known which way to go.

The internship can always be used as a compromise for any situation of uncertainty. Keeping in perspective that although we cannot control many situations around us, we always have the opportunity to grow on a personal level whatever the situation we are in – and that resilience can offer us valuable skills.

The role of an intern in a company

The intern occupies a very specific place that can be very valuable for a company. Where many entrepreneurs can see only one person needed to perform jobs that do not require a great deal of professionalism, others may see a qualification that will add value to a team. An opportunity to endow employees with skills as important as team management and the ability to value others – as a means of getting the same commitment back.

The trainee is also the apprentice who has just left a higher education course that allows him to ask the right questions and dialogue with the knowledge he has gained in formal learning contexts. Your role as a company worker may be short, but the people who will go through this context will add value that will be continuous.

Support Universities and Internship Programs

The best way to take advantage of the resources that an internship can offer, will be through support to the Universities’ Professional Insertion Offices, as well as to contribute so that the Internship Programs continue to be developed.

This is the best way for companies to get closer to academic communities, which are developing scientific knowledge. A business culture that values ​​innovation, integration of worker experience or the practice of conscious capitalism as values ​​- will always try to lead its human capital to the best versions of itself. This will form a fundamental basis for your business, including interns as well.

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