4 Best Engineering Varsities In Kenya

Best Engineering University in Kenya: Universities that offer Engineering courses in Kenya are mainly the following: JKUAT, Moi and UoN. Most of the universities that provide degree courses in engineering majorly don’t meet the standards.

That is why the Engineering Board of Kenya had to dismiss most of the courses. Especially, most of those that are not relevant to the Kenyan job market were considered null and void.

But also, those that did not meet the threshold of engineering and technology training facilities just had to be scrapped off. But even so, reputable universities in teaching engineering remained top of the approved lists. Here are the best University for Engineering in Kenya.

1.Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)



JKUAT rules Kenya in providing engineering courses. Whether Electrical, Civil, Mechanical or any other kind of Engineering course you want to take at a Kenyan University. You got to think about JKUAT. It has earned global recognition for the training facilities in the university. Also, the Juja based campus has produced a lot of prominent and genius engineers in the country. This makes it the best university to train Engineering courses in Kenya.


But, other universities in Kenya that offer approved Engineering courses. UoN, Moi and Kimathi are well known for their credible engineering degree courses. Here is why:

 2. University of Nairobi

This was of course the first University in Kenya. UoN trained engineering courses before any other University in Kenya Cropped up. Since then, UoN has continued to offer credible education in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical engineering. UoN has the facilities needed to train people in engineering courses.

 3.Moi University

Kenya’s second oldest university is not only a hub for art courses but also, a national leader in offering reputable technical courses as well. It has some of the best engineering laboratories in Kenya, as well as many other facilities that place it in the map of one of Kenya’s best engineering colleges. Moi University is the only that offers aeronautical engineering courses in East and Central Africa.


Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT)


DeKUT is not only a Kenyan leader in offering Engineering courses, but also has a place in the African map. It is equipped with the most modern engineering facilities in the Kenya’s Vision 2030 Flagship project Advanced Design and Manufacturing and Training Centre (ADMATC) . Since its establishment in 2013, the university has steadily gained fame in offering engineering courses. That’s how it has earned a position in the Best Engineering University in Kenya list.


However, several other universities offer engineering. The four named above appear on the top of the list. Egerton, for example, is the best in offering Agricultural engineering courses- possibly in Africa.

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