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The Best Excuses For Turning Down A Date

There is no one, as far as we know, who has not made mistakes in love. But rectify is wise and that’s why you are regretting the appointment you have with that boy. Calm down, you’re a resourceful girl and you’re still on time. It is urgent to seek an excuse not to go to your appointment because you have more than clear, you have remained to stay.

Choose your excuse not to go on a date

Not all the first dates are full of nerves and illusion, thinking that you will meet the Prince Charming. Sometimes it happens to you that you were more boring than interested and, suddenly, you are in front of an appointment that you do not want anything to go. Nothing happens, the excuses were invented.

The idea is not just to get out of that first date that you know is going to be a disaster, but prevent that boy from calling you again. So, if you do not want to be the one to reject him, with these excuses you will get him to lose interest.

1 My neighbor’s wedding. Why, you forgot that just tomorrow is your neighbor’s wedding and your house has become a kind of hotel for your guests.

2 The grandfather’s birthday. “Look, I’m sorry, but we have to cancel the appointment because it’s my grandfather’s birthday.” It is impossible to resist putting this excuse even though your grandfather has been dead since before you were born.

3 The gynecologist. Many men feel shivers and want to run away as soon as you mention this medical specialist. If you tell him that today you had an appointment with the gynecologist and you do not have the body at all, surely he does not put any but.

4 My cousin just arrived. From New Zealand, she lives there, it’s a very long trip and you will not leave her alone in your house to stay with him or anyone.

5 My son has the flu. But you have children? No, but it does not matter. This excuse is irrefutable.

6 I have dinner with my husband. When you meet someone at Tinder or at a dating portal, you’re supposed to be single. If not, you would not be calling online. That’s why this excuse is one of the best effect.

7 My parents will not let me go. It does not matter if you are 20, 30 or 40 years old. With this excuse, his mental confusion is guaranteed and he will not insist.

8 I’ve gone through the drinks. Send an unintelligible Whatsapp of the type ‘wsti 1 pkw oerjujjals’ followed by an emoticon from a cup. He will not understand, but it does not matter, because he will suspect that you will not appear.

My ex is down. Everyone knows that one of the prohibited topics on a first date is the ex-couple. If you tell him that you have to comfort your ex because he has called you down, you are guaranteed that this guy is not going to ask for another appointment.

10 My cat does not want to eat. Your cat has become sad at the prospect that you have a date and refuses to eat. Of course you can not move from your house until you do not eat.

And you, what excuse do you put for not going to a date?



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