Betty Kyallo Shows She’s Real With Deep Thigh-Slit

During the Renault team party held at the Aspire Kenya offices, K24 news anchor Betty Kyallo showed up at the event dressed in a long cutting thigh slit dress.

The black dress which showed of her saucy legs, attracted a click of cameramen, who seemed not to get enough pictures of her red carpet moment.

Betty Kyallo, only was let loose by the men behind lenses after protesting.

“Guys, I think that is enough. We have had enough of this,” Betty excused herself.

Popular actor Alliwah used the moment at the party to throw in opinion over the latest controversial news from Kenyan gospel artists.

“It is one thing for these shocking scandals to happen. But it is rather devastating to see how gospel artistes are coming together trying to cover-up the truth instead of condemning sin. This is wrong. That is hypocrisy. And should it continue, then the worst will happen. God will deal with you,” he warned.

He also said everyone was not right all the time.

“No one is righteous. No one. But it is called upon us to be truthful and to repent. Not to cover up for each other’s sins. Being a brother’s keep does not mean standing with them in sin, but correcting them, and helping them back to the light,” he concluded

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