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What Causes Anger-behind-the-wheel Syndrome?

Many drivers have ever experienced what is known as anger-behind-the-wheel syndrome. When they suffer a mishap in the car, even a slight one, such as a traffic jam or a small friction, they manifest a feeling of progressive rage that can lead them to lose control.

The violence that their protagonists sometimes display, from insults to physical aggression, even surprises them, because they are often peaceful individuals who never lose their nerves in this way. But why does it happen to them when they drive?
There are certain personality traits that are accentuated by the stress that traffic produces. Temple University, in Philadelphia, carried out research that showed that certain individuals were more prone to this type of attack.

Apparently, those with a tendency to competitiveness and to exhibit their status lose their roles more easily. The same happens with the more narcissistic, who tend to skip the common rules because they believe above others and have little patience with the mistakes of others.

The same study found that men tend to be more aggressive drivers. In addition, people feel less observed in their car and can thus shout and insult without suffering public censorship. Likewise, it is easier to lose empathy because it is easy to dehumanize other drivers.



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