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Charlene Migwe – YALI

Charlene Migwe

Focused on building IT solutions that empower Africans: Charlene Migwe is a software developer and entrepreneur. A leader with a passion for providing youth with resources to enable them to be independent and contribute to the improvement of their communities, she established The Endelevu. The Endelevu works with corporations, NGOs and youth-based projects to provide these resources. With her leadership, Endelevu offers research and impact analysis, project support and consultancy.

Charlene has successfully managed IT solutions in the water sector, streamlining services using majiRipoti. She also volunteers at AHI, which is an NGO established to enhance the education of children in Kenya, giving her time as Head of IT.

As a YALI Fellow, Charlene will make contacts and strengthen her IT skills. She will return to Kenya ready to share what she has learned and continue to provide resources to Kenya’s youth.

Youth Village Kenya acknowledge Charlene in her adventures. Congratulations Charlene!

Credit : U.S Embassy Nairobi and Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) .


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