Choosing NASA Over Jubilee To Fight Corruption Is Like Choosing HIV Over Cancer.

If you choose HIV over Cancer, it is still disastrous because one of them will still kill you. It is the same thing if you thought of voting in NASA to fight corruption as your best option over Jubilee.

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It is undeniable that Jubilee have failed and underscored in their major campaign promises they made, and more so to fight in corruption.

Corruption has been conducted at their heartbeats, and the president has even failed to use his executive powers to sack corrupt CS. He just bowed down to pressure to tell Waiguru to step.

All said, corruption has played dombolo on UhuRuto. Even the president himself admitted.

NASA or just CORD will be happy to name call Jubilee corruption demigods, but they are neither saints!

Raila has been the MP for Kibra for decades, but people still survive in shanties worth a half a dollar. His daughter looks to inherit the mantle of Kibra soon.

CORD have failed also to fight corruption from their strongholds, from MCAs to county officials have looted under the watch of the party leader Raila Odinga.

Kidero Evans in Nairobi too, has represented CORD well in corruption. He just inherited another looting facility after Mumias.

A small rain in Nairobi has flooded everywhere with water choking every corner. He could not build the drainage system he claimed.

If you type everything here, 228 words should be raised to power infinity.

If you choose NASA over Jubilee to fight corruption, it is like that patient who chooses HIV over Cancer, one of the  deadly two will eventually finish and kill you

Simon Ingari




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