Christmas Jokes, Good Ones To Remember 2017

December, has come as a surprise, even despite most Kenyans flipping their calendars on phones and on walls, it is days before we pull down the 2017 old calendar.

Bad some jokes are so funny, one might be tempted to stay cool back in  2017. But dare not. You may opt for an Ethiopian Calendar though.

Here are some funny photos to recal

img-20161128-wa0164 img-20161128-wa0108 img-20161128-wa0103 img-20161128-wa0104 img-20161127-wa0052 img-20161127-wa0050 img-20161127-wa0046 img-20161127-wa0042 img-20161127-wa0041 img-20161127-wa0035



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