Circumcising An Infant Could Lead To Its Death

The sudden infant death syndrome, encompasses the cases of unexpected and unexplained deaths of apparently healthy babies.

Some studies say there is one case per thousand births.

As we have already advanced, there is no clear cause to explain it, although some factors that could influence have been pointed out.

And, now, a study by researchers at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom suggests.

According to the author of the study, a baby has less than half a litre of blood, and in circumcision can equal the amount that is extracted to an adult in four donations.

The consequence is that there are changes in the blood pressure of the newborn that affects the functioning of the heart.

The study has collected data from various countries in the world in which circumcision is performed (including the United States and several European countries), and you have found a correlation between this practice and cases of this syndrome. That is, in the countries where circumcision is most practiced, the ratio of cases of sudden infant death syndrome seems to be higher.

Of course, the study only confirms the existence of a statistical relationship, but its author assures that the result is sufficiently revealing to consider this practice a risk factor.



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