Sleeping Too Much On Regular Basis Is As Bad As Doing Too Little

It is clear that good sleep hygiene is necessary to lead to healthy life.

It is often said that it is advisable to sleep between seven or eight hours a day.

To date, numerous studies have analyzed the health risks associated with little sleep. But there were few studies that had focused on the opposite.

Now, a study conducted by Keele University has revealed that too much can be almost as bad for your health as doing too little.

Specifically, they have discovered that they have been around ten hours a day in a usual way, supposes to 56% increase in the risk of dying from a heart attack, and 46% of doing so for other causes related to cardiovascular health.

Keep in mind that according to the study conducted by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, the risk of premature death from sleeping less than six hours a day is around 65%.

It should also be remembered that the new research only refers to the risks involved in sleeping too much on a regular basis. Previous studies have revealed that doing it only occasionally is even positive.



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