Citizen TV Star Falls Into A Trance After Falling Ill

Talia Oyando was not herself on the last Sunday, if anything wrong was to go bad, It should have gone so.

The Sunday reggea show host on TV narraates how she was save through a pin hole by an immediate relative. She went into a trance and never recovered after few injections of pain.

’Yesterday I suddenly fell ill one minute I was OK and the next I was screaming in pain (screaming is an understatement pain is also an understatement). It was so sudden I honestly thought this was it. I prayed hard. My G, my sister my friend  @gwanalo rushed to my aid put me in her car and drove like a maniac to the hospital. And when I wasn’t getting the help needed she became the total woman and I got treatment”.

The radio  presenter praises her peers and friends who came at her rescue. She advises that never despise anyone despite your quality of life.

oday I say Thank you and I love you to bits…. That saying of you should know people is now  #YoushouldknowGloria after 5 different injections to get the pain down scans, a drip and lots of medication, I’m good today. God is good. Thanks mommy and Dickens for coming through. Giving thanks for life…. I’m good guys. It’s good to have friends you can rely on. Counting blessings…’’ She posted on her social media.

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