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Colors That Raise Your Sexual Attraction High

From sight comes love”, how many of ladies have not heard this phrase and although they do not believe it is the truth.

Through the eyes, human beings capture the image of what we like and who we like; However, other factors interfere when talking about sexual attraction.

In a study conducted by the University of Rochester, Adrew Elliot, professor of psychology, discovered that women clothes, mainly the color of her, directly influences our sexual attraction power.

But this is not all, the color women wear sends signals to the opposite sex that range from our reproductive state to the condition of economic and social power that we have.

This not only influences the conquest, but also other actions of our life: work, friends.

The research was attended by 288 men and 25 women, who were asked to examine the photos of a man whose shirt had been colored digitally red in some and not in others.

The result, that both men and women preferred the red-shirted man, since he projected confidence, sympathy, power and greater sexual attraction.

Andrew Elliot believes that this reaction is due to a cultural aspect, since the color red is intimately related to concepts such as sex, genitals, passion. In the current context, this pigment is related to power, money and elegance.

Test your sexual attractiveness by wearing that red dress or that blouse, maybe it will surprise you.

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