The Most Common Reasons Couples Argue During Christmas Holiday

Why do couples discuss? Relationships are encountered with many obstacles in the way, one of them are the discussions: some more important than others, some more rational than others, some more constructive than others, but all inevitable. These are the most common reasons why couples argue.

Two different people think different and have different points of view, so it is normal for a couple to have, from time to time, discussions. Do not believe that you are the only one who has a more heated conversation with your partner, ask around you. But why does this happen? Here are some reasons.

1 Jealousy. One of the most frequent reasons, with almost ancestral roots, is jealousy. But millennia of evolution have to serve something, among other things, to eliminate once and for all that insecurity that leads you to think that your partner has to be one more possession in your life.

2 Money. Even if you have a healthy economy (something complicated with the times) the expenses in the couple continue and continue to produce conflict. Expenses that for one are superfluous, while for the other they are essential. Is there no way to balance priorities?

3 Work stress. It is clear that your partner is not to blame for your problems at work, and vice versa, but the work stress or a day in the work of those to forget, ends up paying the person you have next. In this case, we must know how to ask for forgiveness.

4 sons. Caring for children, raising children, educating children. How many children do you want to have? What if you do not want children and your partner does? The different ways of understanding life and transmitting it to children is an endless source of partner discussions.

5 Housekeeping. The most obvious and most frequent workhorse is housework. This problem arises in the coexistence and is usually the first reason for discussion. We are facing a first couple crisis that needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

6 Political family. We’ve run into the mother-in-law! Before you go to curse your mother-in-law, remember that there is another mother-in-law prowling the couple, who is your mother. Yes, you have a mother-in-law, but your partner also has a mother-in-law. We all have in-laws and still influence the good performance of the couple.

7 The TV. Turn the TV down, turn off the TV, change channels, but who has the command? If you think about it, it is nonsense to have a dislike with your partner for a reason as absurd as the TV.

8 Plans. What do we do on the weekend? Your partner has scheduled a weekend full of adventures and social events and you just want to curl up next to you on the couch and rest. And from the holidays, better not talk.

9 Sex. That you do not feel like it now, that your head hurts, that you never feel like it, or maybe it is that your desire has different rhythms. Until you find the rhythm, the sex or its lack will continue provoking numerous discussions.

10 Mobile phone. New technologies are coming into our lives and they also affect relationships. That if you are all day watching the Whatsapp, who with whom you chat to these hours, that … do not you see that I am speaking to you?

But what really matters is not the motives of the couple discussions, but the way in which that conflict is resolved. Because discussing with a partner is good, if you know how.



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