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Curvy Ladies Stealing Men From Super-fit Models

Curvy women are slowly drifting men towards them away from the super-fit slim women who care about their bodies.

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As they say, the big beautiful women have incredible body, curves in the right places and so silky soft to touch. But the slim one who love gyms, have hard bodies, six packs which are feel similar to men skins.

There is also another disadvantage that comes with slim ladies, they are not proud of their bodies, spent hours reading fitness magazines and eat less with alot of worry.

But curvy women do not care!

Kenyan men and the rest of Africa have given and preferred curvy women with alot of looking time. Which has led to a concern in some of the parts.

The result are so overwhelming to a point Tanzanian government have made a law that will strict men from looking at curvy women.

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