How Dangerous Is It For My Health To Consume Pornography?

What in recent decades was a taboo for much of society has become another form of leisure and, of course, personal excitement (or couple) to enjoy sex from other perspectives. But where are the limits?

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Can it be a problem for my health or psychological if I use it on a regular basis? Let us see what science has to say in these assumptions.

Virtual reality

One of the last studies published this year has to do, for example, with Virtual Reality. And researchers from the British University of Newcastle pointed out that living the experience not only as an observer, but also as a protagonist, could pose a problem for the future.

Obvious that we are now living the first steps of this type of technology, but warn that there is a very fine red line that will prevent us from discerning the real life of what is fantasy. Researchers warn that it could even damage personal relationships, promoting behavior detrimental to the subject.

Sexual Assault

Another problem around the porn world is the violence with which some of the scenes are recorded today with the intention of proving more exciting to the viewer. This implies that the concept of pornography is distorted in such a way that instead of seeing people practicing sex, it seems more like a scene of rape.

In fact, in 2010, Professor Gail Dines analyzed more than 300 porn scenes and found that in 88% of them contained explicit physical attacks. In them, the vast majority were men who attacked women and their “defensive” response was simply to show more pleasure. See this behavior will make it so in real life?

Professor Neil Malamuth, of the University of California, Los Angeles, has conducted numerous studies on the relationship between porn consumption and sexual violence.

In one of them, he studied the behavior of 300 men who saw these types of scenes in a habitual way.

He concluded that those men who were already sexually aggressive and who consumed such pornography on a regular basis were more likely to commit sexual assault. But he warned, that in no case porn is the trigger that drives that behavior.


This is another of the dangers that your viewing can lead to in our daily life. When our head does not stop to consume this type of scenes, leaving our routine parked to the side, it supposes an addiction that is necessary to correct.

According to a study from the University of Cambridge, who has addiction to active pornography in the brain the same areas as someone who has mono to consume drug. Therefore, the message that sends to the whole body is a need for masturbation while seeing scenes of sex. That yes, according to the researchers, although this has been tested, does not imply that porn is addictive.

On the other hand, the UK National Health Service does classify sex addiction, for example, as a drug-addicted addiction.

Among the causes is the uncontrolled use of pornography, but it is one of the many factors, they point out, that provoke the subjects this behavior.

Therefore, to ensure that it is the main cause would not be fair and it is necessary to continue studying on the subject



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