Photoshop Users Risk Hefty Fines After New Law

The archetypes and social standards for beauty are only a slab for our society. Although we know it, many are committed to perpetuate a lie: the unreal people that appear in multiple images that have been retouched until reaching a nonexistent and innocuous perfection.

Luckily, some people who work in photography do not agree with this way of acting and conditioning the staff. For this reason, the well-known commercial bank Getty Images has decided not to tolerate this behavior in its website and has adopted a new norm: the prohibition of images that have been retouched not only to decrease of size, but also in those that the photographs have been altered to increase it.

The measure comes from a new French law that will come into effect on October 1 and which proposes sanctions of almost 38,000 euros for those who alter the outline of a model without expressly indicating it in the image. In a statement, the popular image bank reports the measure of the French government and announces that they do not wish to receive any creative content that shows men or women whose silhouette has been manipulated by image editing software.

Although other alterations such as the color of the hair, the shape of the nose, the spots or the texture of the skin are allowed for now, the fact implies a step forward by the sector.



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