What Are The Dangers Of Bursting A Pimple?

A specialized publication Journal of Emergence Medicine, picks up the case of a patient who arrived at the John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County in Chicago, with a painful infection under the lower lip.


It had all started after the man had burst a shin using. a carpentry tool!


The doctors diagnosed that the man suffered blastomycosis, an infection that occurs when inhaling the spores of a fungus called Blastomyces dermatitidis, which is present in decaying wood.

Although getting infected by the cutaneous route is possible, it is also very rare, and to date there were only 50 cases described in the medical literature. The doctors who treated the patient considered that he became infected by using the carpenter’s instruments to burst his shin.

And, although it is not often that people resort to such drastic methods to burst a pimple on their face, the truth is that this seemingly harmless action can lead to risks (sometimes serious) for health.

The skin is full of bacteria and by bursting a grain or a pimple we are causing a small wound, which for them is a way of entry

According to the specialists, the danger of leaving a small scar due to bursting grains, is always latent. But to suffer an infection that has more serious consequences should not be dismissed.

The most vulnerable area is the one between the sides of the mouth and the bridge of the nose

In that area, the drainage pathways of the face communicate directly with the nervous system, and an infection could have very serious consequences.

It is not something that often happens, but that danger does exist. , there were people who even died from the infection of an abscess in that area, although today thanks to antibiotics it is very difficult for something like this to happen.




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