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Uasin Gishu County Assembly Passes Motion To Force Supermarkets Provide Free Carrier Bags

Uasin Gishu County Assembly became the first county among the 47 counties to pass a motion forcing supermarkets to provide alternative and free carrier bags following the ban on plastic bags.

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Over the last past few weeks, customers across the country had launched a social media complain over how the supermarkets had left the packaging services to customers with no or little help.

The message read as follows

Kenyan supermarkets have completely abandoned their responsibility of packing goods for customers. This responsibility has now been left to the customers for no good reason.Remember plastic bags were costly even before the ban.Yet supermarkets could generously afford them up to  and including branding the same.Right now those supermarket attendants boldly throw in everything into one bag that the customer has tried to gather. Cleaning detergents, all manner of food stuff, utensils, clothes, shoes…whatever you buy is thrown into your one bag!! We should  demand that supermarkets are urgently ordered to pack our goods properly as is their responsibility. What is happening is unhygienic and dangerous to our health.

Let us get this going viral!!!! Share and demand for this right.

It appears that the Uasin Gishu MCAs did not only share it, but took action on the message when they received.

That shows and reminds us how social media has become so powerful in Kenya




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