Jeff Koinange Tops The List

A survey research done by the online Kenya paper, Kenya News, has published a list of 100 names which it believes is a list containing top 100 journalists of 2017 in Kenya.

Jeff Koinange was at the top followed by Larry Madowo and John Allan Namu while Mohammed Ali was awarded with the best investigative journalist in 2017.

The online paper list some of the criteria it used in evaluating the journalists such as career track record, experience and managerial roles exhibited.

Below is the list of just top 20

  1. Jeff Koinage
  2. Larry Madowo
  3. John Alan Namu
  4. Hussein Mohammed
  5. Linus Kaikai
  6. Sophie Ikenye
  7. Nimord Tabu
  8. Joe Ageyo
  9. Yvonne Okwara
  10. Lulu Hassan
  11. Dennis Okari
  12. Farida Koreney
  13. Kanze Dena
  14. Dennis Onsarigo
  15. Betty Kyalo
  16. Anne Kiguta
  17. Linda Ogutu
  18. Francis Gachuri
  19. Victoria Rubadiri
  20. Uduak Amimo

Full list visit here https://www.kenyans.co.ke/news/25370-2017-top-100-journalists-kenya

Some fair criticism, the survey does not state the clear methods of evaluation and even a standard gauge, raising questions on how they arrived on the final values.

Another line of failure, is the research obsession with TV journalists who are the largest chunk in the top 100 list, which saw big names in the Radio such as Jalango and Maina Kageni miss out.

The research has however done good in listing some of the most influential personalities in the media industry






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