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Depression On Valentine’s Day, How To Avoid The Sadness On Lovers Day

We have not recovered from the Christmas Depression when we meet another of those conflicting dates that put our emotional balance to the test. Valentine’s Day is a drink for many people without a partner who notice, that day more than ever, the weight of loneliness.

Although many people insist on taking it seriously, Valentine’s Day can please in many people who have not found love. We give you some tips to avoid depression on Valentine’s Day.

We do not speak of the twinge of envy that borders on the sadness of those people who enjoy the whole year of their singleness except Valentine’s Day.

We do not talk about those people who live as a couple and their disappointment when they find out that, one more year, they have allowed themselves to be overcome by routine and they have not celebrated the day of lovers.

When we talk about depression for Valentine’s Day we talk about all those people who already suffer from an emotional disorder and that flares up in the days before February 14.

The cause of this depression in Valentine is none other than the frustration caused by social pressure.

At this point, the general opinion is still that the perfect life is in couple, with a couple of children and, if possible, with a large mortgage.

There are many people who decide to move from this vision and live their own life, being true to themselves and not to others. But it is true that feelings continue to be affected by social pressure.

The depression in Valentine’s Day, is in any case, a depression linked to the lack of love, loneliness and unfulfilled dreams.

People who have suffered a recent sentimental break for which the day of lovers can become an emotional trap, people who continue to fervently seek the love of their life, without success, or people who, for one reason or another, have not known to fit into a group and feel alone, especially that day in which love is shared.

If what causes your depression is love, lack of love or the feeling of loneliness, what you need is a change of perspective. Are you sure you do not have love?

Maybe you are not in a couple, maybe you do not have a boyfriend to give you a card with hearts on Valentine’s Day, but surely you have the love of your family, your parents, your siblings and your friends.

If you want to avoid the sadness of Valentine’s Day, you can continue to ask yourself some more questions.

Are you sure that what you need to be happy is a boyfriend? When you had a partner, your Valentine’s Day were as you always dreamed?

If you look back, you will surely remember that having a partner is not a guarantee of living with love, however regretful it may sound. So do not let the negative thought enter your life for Valentine’s Day.

Nobody, not even the single most convinced, can avoid a shadow of doubt passing through her head that day of lovers when she sees a couple enjoying a kiss of love and a simple rose on the street. But the year has many more days than this Valentine’s Day, which is exclusive to lovers. The rest of the year is for the use and enjoyment of those who are not in pairs.

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