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Did You Dream That You Had Intimacy With Your Ex? This Is What It Means

When one ends a relationship, you know that you should no longer communicate with that former partner. Doing it alone will harm us because they are clear that they will not return.

As difficult as it may seem, once that decision is made, you have to do it by the roots.

In the course of our lives, we will have amorous disappointments in which we will feel that our heart is broken into a thousand pieces and that only that person who ‘left you’ or ‘cheated’ can return the joy again.

That’s why relationships end for different reasons. Each one says goodbye and takes own path, however, their bodies can move away but the mind cannot. Time has passed and you are still thinking about him.

Has not it happened to you that you dreamed of being intimate with your ex? Well it is not very common to say but there are two reasons why you have this kind of dreams: one, that you still do not overcome it and two, do not accept that everything is over.

It is hard to say goodbye to a person you loved but sometimes it is necessary. These dreams only reflect what your subconscious means, like you miss it or what you need.

Even if you wake up and say ‘no, I cannot be thinking about it, it’s over’, unconsciously you wonder why you dreamed like that if you supposedly already surpassed it.

And there I wanted to go: this type of dreams also means that you let it go, that is, it is a stage of life that you are closing and you will leave it behind. It is a way of expressing that you can continue without him.

Dreams are interpretations of what one wants or wants even if you say no, you will think that I am contradicting myself but it is not, this means that you are ready to close that chapter in your life.

What you are looking for with, it is not necessarily to have intimacy, but to arrange things in a good way if they ended badly. They must close their wounds and forgive themselves.

Maybe you do not want to see your ex but it’s time to mature and learn to forgive. It does not mean that you’re going to feel love again, no, nothing to see.

It is for you to reflect on your feelings and your future. You can be with another person without thinking about your ex.



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