Doctors Find A Brain Lodged In A Girl’s Ovary

The 16-year-old girl was admitted for surgery on appendicitis. But what was the surprise of the medical team when he found something completely unexpected in one of his ovaries: a miniature brain.

Strangely enough, the case is not unknown. It is known as teratoma, a kind of benign tumor in which the affected cells grow into semi-functional tissues or organs. According to Masayuki Shintaku, a surgeon of the young woman, to New Scientist, what is strange is that they come to form complex brain structures like those found in the girl.

After extracting the teratoma from the adolescent, the doctors saw that it contained hairs, fatty tissue, a small skull semiformado and a small brain with a cerebellum that even was able to record electrical impulses. Despite the complexity, the scientists say the tumor had no ability to think or feel.

Luckily for the young woman, everything has gone well and without sequels.



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