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Entrepreneurship Endangered By Huge Turnout Of Job Seekers

On Facebook and at the beginning of every year, you can easily tell how huge the number of entrepreneurs we have got, but in the real life, or mid year, we see so many workers than the CEOs on Facebook and business owners.

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From what I gather on most young Kenyans, they have got a life hack strategy, but they just decide to be used by someone else in their strategy, that’s where the problem of unemployment starts.

Most Facebook profiles are tagged under good looking titles such as Founder, CEO, Owner, Entrepreneur and Business person, but the dignitaries end up in the hands of poorly paying employers.

It takes a first step to walk into the untrodden path, but the fruits are so rewarding.

Lack of employment opportunities in Kenya, means that Entrepreneurship is demanding, and needs more job seekers to venture into it



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