Do You Want Your Brain To Learn How To Lose Weight? Use This Application

With the beginning of the year just weeks away, we all set new goals to improve aspects of our lives, whether in health or in the economy. This is hard work, so we try to help technology to achieve them and in this case we find an interesting application to eat healthier.

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Food Training or FoodT is an application that aims to make the user thin, but unlike any other weight control application, it focuses on training your brain so that the user subconsciously opts for healthier foods And set aside junk food.

Although it sounds like a joke or a “miracle product”, the application has been developed by a team of psychologists from the universities of Exeter and Cardiff, who start from the principle that humans use sugary and fatty foods as “prizes.” For example, when we did something good our parents rewarded us with a sweet or some “chips”, ie junk food.

So the stimulus when eating this type of food makes us feel good because we see it as a reward or reward, so FoodT seeks to attack this wrong feeling. The application will show us different images of healthy foods and junk food, where obviously we should choose the healthy ones to get points and level up.

According to the researchers, just by playing the application daily for 10 minutes, we will get our brain to generate the same stimulus but to healthy food, which will result in preferring it to scrap.

For now, the app is available for free for Android. All you have to do is enter data such as age and sex, as well as answer some questions to know if we are susceptible to exercise or not working. As for the iPhone version, researchers are raising funds to do it.



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