Extreme Love – Couple Overcomes Skin Condition With Inspiring Romantic Engagement

Have you ever felt the love? Have you thought about giving up a great love?Ever bothered with looks and forgot to worry about feeling?

A story so beautiful and full of inspiration that will awaken in you the most beautiful meaning of life.

In a world where appearance matters more than feeling, they met and it was not a coincidence, it was a meeting of souls, an encounter of acceptance and character and love arose when their souls met

Today they a source of inspiration for so many people who do not believe in themselves, in life and especially in love.

Karine de Souza, 28, and her boyfriend Edmilson, 23, from CearĂ¡ have redefined the true meaning of love not based on looks.

Karine was diagnosed with a rare dermatological disease called xeroderma pigmentosum, which has not been cured and causes depigmentation and skin lesions in the person who comes in contact with ultraviolet light.

In Karine’s case, the disease left marks and lesions all over her body, which would be enough reason for her to have self-esteem problems and even avoid contact with other people.

Unfortunately for Karine also, the rare condition can only be controlled but has no any known cure.

Fortunately, Karine has so much willpower that she continues to lead her life normally

Edmilson, her boyfriend, shows us that love goes far beyond appearance, and solidifies even when we fall in love with a person’s personality and what it represents.

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