First Job? 5 Tips To Get A Job Without Experience

You have just finished your studies and now, finally, you look into the world of work. And surely you feel anxiety, nerves and even fear when it comes to facing your first job interview, right?

In addition to all these sensations, you can often find frustration since in many jobs they ask you for previous experience, but how are you going to gain experience if nobody gives you the possibility of a job?

In this scenario, there are some recommendations that we can make when dealing with your first job interviews, even without the experience that employers demand.

Try to stand out in a creative way

Believe it or not, many companies today do not pay attention to your degree or the studies you have done, but instead focus on your skills and the added value you can give them if they hire you. Find and highlight your strengths on your resume, mention if you are given public speaking, if you have done volunteer work, if you have had the chance to study abroad and have proficiency in languages. It details all these aspects with great precision. Use templates like the ones you can find on Canvas and put together a resume that looks pretty

Investigate the possibility of doing professional practices

For many young people, professional practices are the first door to the world of work. And while it is true that they do not have the wages according to a formal job, some even do not have remuneration, they can add the experience you need for your first full-time job. In fact, if your time at a company is satisfactory, there is always a chance that you can stay there working.

Volunteer, they will always add to your resume

Find and research volunteer programs. To quote one case, perhaps one of the most important, the United Nations volunteers daily throughout the world. It is true, they will not be paid, but if you have saved some money and you can afford it, you can already imagine how well an experience like this would be on your resume.

Create your own personal brand

It is one of your best ways to sell yourself and get a first contract. Pay attention to your image and the image you give to the world. Create a profile on LinkedIn and constantly update it, seek to network within and outside the social network. Try to measure yourself on social networks, since all recruiters will undoubtedly watch your activity on them.

Apply even if they ask for experience

The latter is as important as the former. If they ask for experience in the job you want, but you still don’t have it, the same applies! Write a good letter of intent, demonstrate why you are the best option for the position even without the requested experience. Believe it or not, many recruiters welcome this initiative on your part. Maybe you can even find your first job this way, did you know?

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