Flying Taxis Will Start Roaming In Nairobi Soon block-chain project have identified Kenya as one of the lucky cities among the 23 cities in 13 countries across the entire world to enjoy the high-tech services of their flying Taxis.

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The project would span in two major phases of incubation. The first spanning a technological consortium of 12 firms which will be tasked with developing the flying cars with vertical take-off and landing. It will also play a big role in management of its infrastructure.

The second, dubbed McFly chapters will deal with the local community in bid to bring forward people such as entrepreneurs, realtors, government bodies among other to help in spreading the message and getting services such as realtors facilitating the landing pads such as helipads.

The taxis will enhance safety by implementing the autopilot feature.

Nikolay Bizhko , manager, noted that the passengers would be picked from their nearest helipad and dropped to another helipad nearest to their point of destination.

The new taxis would not only see an improved version of low fuel, noise with great efficiency .

The fare to the flying cars would come for the rich since it is projected that one would pay about sh.800 per minute.

Production of such cars would be costly at the beginning with an initial price of sh.12m but will come down later to sh.4M when they begun mass production




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