Forbes List – Top 100 Highest-Paid Entertainers 2019

The world’s higest paid employee in the entertainment industry is America’s 29 year old Tylor Swift with a staggering salary of USD 185 Millions while the list paid is 51 year old American singer Celine Dion with an admission of USD 37.5 Million

The star studded list also featured soccer stars such as Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Juventus player Christiano Ronaldo.

Forbes indicated that the superstars all together clocked a record of USD 6.3 Billion

The price of admission to our list has never been higher: $37.5 million, up 7% from a year ago, as the world’s 100 highest-paid superstars clocked $6.3 billion in pretax earnings over the past 12 months. 

Again, the figures which were released in 2019 July indicated that vigorous interviews and fact checking had been done carefully by a team from Forbes.

The fees for fees for managers, lawyers and agents were not included in the final figure

The Forbes global Celebrity 100 ranks “front of the camera” stars around the globe using their pretax earnings from June 1, 2018 through June 1, 2019, before deducting fees for managers, lawyers and agents. Forbes figures are based on numbers from Nielsen Music, Pollstar, IMDB, NPD BookScan and ComScore as well as interviews with industry experts and many of the stars themselves. The result is the definitive index of who’s making what in the global business of fame.

Check the full list below

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