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Is Former Nation FM Presenter Brian Odour Conning Innocent Job Seekers?

Brian Odour is not a new name in the world of fraud and radio presenting. In radio industry the lad with a mellow voice has had a pleasure of working at one of the top radio station such as  Nation FM, Urban Radio and 1 FM.

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In the breath of conning Kenyans, a case was reported in May , 2017, that he was conning suspecting artists who wanted to have an airtime on his radio show. This link provides clear details on how he tried to rob DJ Trinity. http://www.ghafla.com/ke/popular-radio-presenter-brian-odour-cons-yet-another-unsuspecting-dj/

Another account of how he has tried to con another unsuspecting victim has emerged.

Between the end of November and the beginning of December 2017, Brian seemed to have sent out a viral message using his contacts (0710390815, 0770135945, BrianOdour1@gmail.com) that there was a recruitment of intern writers for an upcoming Magazine called Talk Kenya, the firm remained mysterious though he said it was located at Galana Road in Nairobi.

According to Brian, the job was urgent since it had passed its due date!

As one of the requirements, the job only needed a clear well elaborated CV, Press Card and Certificate of Good conduct.

There was no any other qualification. But if you didn’t have the above qualifications, that’s when the drama begins with Brain Odour!

Certificate of good conduct which we know it can only (For Nairobi Residents) be obtained at the CID police headquarters at Muthaiga Police Station.  It costs Ksh.1000 and Ksh.1050 on e-citizen.

But Brian says he can help you get it, if you offer him a price of Ksh.1000 via his phone on MPESA. This is the first lie that makes him closer to a conman.

The Press Card, if you have not acquired it or it is outdated, Brain can also get one for you. Yet the body mandated to issue this card is one and only Media Council of Kenya.

Brian doesn’t stop to be cunning despite all those blatant white lies.

He introduces another avenue of conning innocent job seekers in Kenya especially in the media industry.

License of production, which he knows many young job applicants don’t have, he is charging it at Ksh.700.

What about the deal of the job, as stated earlier it is an internship writing job for an upcoming magazine.

Here are the salary details.

Basic Income- Ksh.45,000


The whole story made rather simpler, one wonders whether the the deal is just good or he/she is being conned.

Kenya is one of the nations which has been hit hard with fraud cases, due to the fact that unemployment is biting everyday.

If Brian Odour is a conman, one wonders why he is dusting such a big name in the mud despite the fact that there is no set reason in the law why one should steal from an innocent Kenyan.

Below are some of the audio conversation.

Before you can listen to it, listen to his voice while he was still at Nation FM, see if there is a voice resemblance.

While at Nation

On Phone

listen to the audios by clicking on them once 

Audio 1

Brain Odour in this audio, tell the victim , after pursuing him close to 5 days, that he doesn’t need to worry about paying for the good conduct cert. he will pay for him instead. But the victim will now need to only pay for the license of production, which at first he stated it was 700, then to 750 then to 850.

Like the license doesn’t have a definite amount it should be paid for.

The victim was responding to him stating that he was broke and could not raise any cash he had asked in exchange for job documents clearance

Audio 2

Production license is said to be Ksh.700 changed to Ksh. 750, but does a writer need a production license? Brain has got some interesting answers to these questions

Audio 3

The revelations in this audio are strange, the interview was scheduled to be the following day, but Brian didn’t realize that a job applicant couldn’t change the date of interview. This is strange since only the interviewing panel can do so.

Again he says he is in a board meeting about 8.pm. But behind noises can be hard, with a siren of ringtone probably of a TV advert. What kind of a board is that?

Brian Odour Profile status on WhatsApp betrays him

The sad fact is that thousands of Kenyans continue to be conned across the country via different evil forms devised by the con-men, with little or no hope from the government.

Most people who do mobile money transactions, have received messages which were purportedly from fraud men and women

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