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Sort Out Your Anger Before Going To Bed

Popular wisdom has always stated that it is better to settle down and get rid of any problems before going to sleep. And above all, do not go to bed never angry. Well, now science confirms that belief is true.


Because, according to a study by researchers at the University of Beijing, sleep makes it impossible for our minds to get rid of bad memories.

During the experiment, volunteers had to memorize before going to bed, associations of images consisting of two human faces, each linked to a figure: the first pleasant and the second unpleasant. And over the next few days, the researchers noted that those volunteers who had slept well retained that association engraved on their mind while those who had sleep problems soon forgot about it.

Since during sleep, the brain stores in the memory channels much of the information gained during the waking period, this causes as a side effect that we are not able to eliminate negative memories, and that these are best recorded in our minds .



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