Could You Hack A Sex Robot To Turn It Into A Murderer?

Within the innumerable list of future advances in technology there is one that sets itself as a goal: the creation of humanoid robots capable of helping us in our day to day life.

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But in that effort, the doubts and fears would arise, as for example, if these robots could be programmed to harm their users or even end up killing them.

On this question, academic professor Nick Patterson, Deakin University, says that everything that is connected to the network will be feasible to be hacked: “The hacker can take control of the robot and even give orders to get benefits or even for hurt the people who use them. ”

But, a sex robot? In more intimate situations, fear goes beyond. It would be a closer relationship, which would involve a contact between the person and the robot. Could it become a “toxic relationship”?

According to the expert in cybersecurity, Jason McNew, recognizes that even these types of robots that will give pleasure to their users could be controlled remotely, but that the force they may have is so minimal that it would be difficult to defend against them in if they attacked us: “A robot weighing only 52 kilos, which is also covered in silicone, will not be able to do much physically”.

So, for now, we can breathe and sleep peacefully.



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