How Nairobi Tycoon Skipped NTSA KCZ- Series To Acquire KDA 001A Plate

One Geoffrey Andrew Mwiti has shocked a number of Nairobians when he went for a brand new car instead of sanitizes and food in preparation for quarantine .

What is even baffling is the fact that we are not yet to the KD- series but the tycoon is driving a land crusier with the first plate of KDA 001A.

How is Andrew able to do it?

First, NTSA allows Kenyans to book future plates at a higher fee.

This explains the reason why you will sometimes see plates that are always ahead of time.

Similarly, NTSA allows Kenyans to exchange old plates with new ones, and it also answers your question why you will see some old cars on the road with brand new plates.

Andrew just told Kenyans that even during hard times, there are people who still enjoy their time of this little world.

Nonetheless, have a safe time and you embrace the fight against COVID-19

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