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How To Spend Valentine’s Day And Celebrate True Love In A Unique Way

This special day is approaching for any relationship in which it seems obligatory to celebrate love. We refer to the day of lovers, to that Valentine in which you waste romanticism or condemn you to the corner of the skeptics of love. But it’s not like that. We have some reasons to spend Valentine’s Day and celebrate real love with your partner.

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February 14th. The date is marked on the calendar with a heart and it is the day in which the couples join the most cloying romanticism. On Valentine’s Day you have to dine together, a dinner that includes chocolate and strawberries. And on Valentine’s Day you have to make love, because it’s what this day is about, love.

But you do not have to become the star of a movie if it’s not your style. If you are not particularly romantic and cloying, you do not have to act on Valentine’s Day, because to celebrate true love, fireworks are not necessary. Out artifice, because it is more true to bet on naturalness.

And the nativeness leads you to reject that dinner adorned one day during the week because the next day you have to get up early to go to work. Because you’re tired of your day to day life but that does not stop you from loving your partner so much. And because real love is demonstrated in that daily effort you make to spend a little time together every day despite the stress.

They do not miss chocolates or perfumes, but keep that chemistry in pairs. The complicity of a happy couple who is not happy only on Valentine’s Day, but every day without the need to set up the show. And that does not make a bitter partner or a couple without love, but a couple of flesh and blood that celebrates love in their own way.

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