How To Survive A Heart Attack While Alone

When a heart attack strikes its victims, they have only 10 seconds to remain conscience.

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Unfortunately this is a very little and limited time to walk or save yourself from imminent death especially is the victims are alone and away from the help line.

If you begin feeling a shark severe pain into your chest that begins by moving into your arm then into the jaw, this could be the first sign of a deadly heart attack

The next feeling is that you begin to feel a faint and you are then left with less than 10 seconds to survive a death with help which is just far away.

There is a little survival trick you can save yourself.

  1. Begin to cough heavily and vigorously repeatedly without stopping
  2. A deep breath should be taken between each cough
  3. The cough must be deep and prolonged
  4. A cough and a breathe must be done after every 2 seconds
  5. This should be done until help arrives or until you feel normal heart beat

Why cough and deep breathes should be done tireless

  1. Deep breathes get oxygen into the lungs
  2. Coughing squeezes the heart keeping the blood in circulation
  3. The squeezing of the heart also helps the heart regain its normal beating rhythm

With this little but vital self-help health trick the victims can survive until help arrives.

The last thing to do is to share the lifesaving trick with your friends


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