How To Tell When It’s Going To Rain Using Your Joints

“My knee hurts, that’s going to rain”

Rainy Day Outdoor silhouette

I’m sure you’ve heard expressions like this on more than one occasion. But is there any truth in this belief?

Joint pain with the change of time

Cloudy with probability of pain.

The fault is the barometric pressure. Any change in atmospheric pressure can trigger headaches or joint pain in some people.

The joints contain baroreceptors, which are sensory nerves that respond to changes in atmospheric pressure. These sensory receptors are activated when the atmospheric pressure drops, that is to say when the atmosphere goes from dry to wet, which is what happens when it is about to rain.

Changes in barometric pressure, as well as changes in humidity and temperature, can also affect the pressure in the brain, or the way the brain blocks pain. So some people, on cloudy and / or rainy days have more headaches and migraines. Joint pain associated with meteorological phenomena appears mainly in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or some old fracture

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