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Huddah Monroe, 5 Sexy Female Celebs Who Smoke Bang Secretly

It’s no secret that people enjoy weed, but few rarely admit to it or share photos indulging in the forbidden drug.

But there are those who are not afraid of the long arm of the law or public backlash and have confessed to enjoying the drug or have been photographed rolling and hitting the blunt.

Today we look at some famous Kenyan ganja lovers:

1.Huddah Monroe


Huddah is the biggest culprit when it comes to hitting the blunt. The petite socialite has been photographed on multiple occasions smoking some blunts, some even bigger than her.

Back in 2013, fresh from her week at BBA, she was spotted indulging in a much-needed joint before later explaining that she smoked weed as a prescription drug from her doctor.

She however gave up on justifying herself and said that she would smoke a blunt if she wanted to , after all, she was no one’s role model.



The petite rapper has been spotted on several occasions not only rolling up her own weed but also smoking it. Unlike Huddah, Noti Flow openly admitted that she likes the ganja for recreational and not medicinal purposes.

3.Vanessa Chettle

Maybe it’s a socialite thing as Vanessa joins the increasing list of people who enjoy some Mary Jane.

 4. Sean Kibaki


Weed is not only reserved for socialites, but rich regal kids too. The seasoned photographer and Mwai Kibaki’s Grandson has also found fun in Mrs. Mary Mack.

5.Yvonne Rida


She may have a thriving career as a reality star on Nairobi Diaries and as a high fashion and print model, but on her downtime, Yvonne likes to indulge in a blunt or two.

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