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Have Just Just Fallen Into A New Relationship? Pay Attention To These 8 Details

Having a stable and happy relationship is not achieved from one day to the next, you have to work on it. Let’s get lost because at first everything is so perfect and so ideal that we think it will be this way forever. We do not want to be bogus, but cautious, because tomorrow always comes. If you have just started a relationship, listen to these tips so you do not get lost.

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How beautiful life is when you fall in love. The world stops being a hostile place because you live in your bubble of love with that ideal and perfect man that you wonder how it happened to you. You have finally succeeded in love! Do not get confused, that the squirt of love provokes hallucinations. Pay attention to these tips for the first times of relationship.

1. Enjoy to the fullest. Before giving you a bath of reality, the first thing is to enjoy to the fullest of your love story that has just begun. Treasure each moment as if they were unique because, for better or worse, you will need them. Live these times with such intensity that you never have to repent of them.

2. The Prince Charming. We must tell you, because you can not see it now, that your blue prince is not such, but a frog. This is not bad, it is very good, because princes are not usually good couples. And surely you will be lucky and as soon as you give a kiss will become a charming toad.

3. The reality of a toad. Your new boyfriend is a full-fledged toad, but you are not a princess either, so lower the bar a little and your expectations because that man is not perfect (luckily) and has a few defects that you will have to evaluate if they turn out tolerable or not. Surely yes!!!

4. Do not lose touch. It is very tempting when you start a relationship to isolate yourself from the world in your love bubble, but it is not healthy. Do not lose touch with reality, with your family, with your friends and, much less, with yourself.

5. Make things clear. It is also not a question of the first date you get a list of things you want and do not, but fundamental issues such as the attitudes you will not tolerate should be clear from the beginning.

6. Start from scratch. You just met that person and he’s not to blame for what happened to you in the past with your ex-partners. Do not make him pay other people’s bills, start from scratch with him, a new story, a new life.

7. Do not give up anything. You can live your relationship with all the desire, with all the illusion and with all the intensity without giving up anything, especially to your independence. Remember that love adds, if you have to subtract something from your life for him, it is not love of the good.

8. Let yourself go. What you should never lose sight of is your essence. Do not change for anyone, do not let anyone change you. For everything else … let yourself be carried away by what you are living
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