8 Kenyan Celebs Who Are Skydiving Fanatics

Sky Diving sport in Kenya is offered majorly at the coastal regions in Keny.

The cost or price for sky diving in Kenyan can cost between Ksh.35,000 and above.

Sky diving involves a short brief followed by a 20-minute plane ride over the coastline.

At 12,000 feet, you will jump out while attached to the front of an instructor and experience free fall for about 55 seconds.

Outside Kenya, it is quite pricy and can cost one as much as Ksh.70,000.

Here are Kenya celebs who fancy Sky Diving

Comedian Njugush

Tourism CS Naji Balala


Vera Sidika in Dubai

Huddah Monroe

Lupita Nyong’o

Larry Madowo

Kabi wa Jesus

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