Kenyan Motorist Captures Never Seen Moment On How Phone Snatchers Terrorize Passengers

Do you want to use your phone in Nairobi while in a vehicle, the first think you should close is the window, if not your phone is at great risk.

It is not a knew thing in Nairobi, yet many drivers and passengers continue to lose their phones through the open windows when phone snatchers come calling.

This usually happens on traffic jams or at bus stops, where the victim can hardly disembark and pursue the phone snatcher.

The next thing you will hear, is somebody snatching your expensive phone from your hands, and watch them run away with their loot as you left shocked and helpless.

However if you happen to be a victim, go and report the incident to the police, so as the suspect can be pursued.

This is because, most of these thugs are not new to police, a simple description to the police about the suspect and you will be shocked the police know them very well.

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