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Kenyan Pastor Snatches A Wife From American Man

Love struck Sarah confessed to her husband on a live TV talk show that she was ready to walk out of their 18 year old marriage for a Kenyan young pastor whom they have never met before.

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On the popular American TV talk show dubbed ‘Dr. Phil’, Sarah was in company of Keith, her husband alongside her dad and mum.

Sarah’s marriage went between a hard rock and mountain before she resorted to online dating in bid to find another life of romance.

Kevin, the 26 year old man from a reserved rural Kisii county in the Western part of Kenya, was the lucky man to find a soft spot in the soul of the American mother of 4 kids.

Sara actually confessed that she had been chatting with more than 2 men from Africa

Sarah’s plans to divorce and meet Kevin were not only clear and tactical but very open to everyone close to her including her four kids.

She had planned even to use part of her husbands share from the divorce to fly off and take care of Kevin who is a poor peasant farmer and a founder of an orphanage institution in Kenya.

On the other hand, Kevin, a pastor,  is not disturbed by the teachings of the bible over the respect of a married wife. Which Keith had questioned him to respond to.

‘I love Sarah, and when I meet him I will hug her and say Welcome My Love’,Kevin responded to Keith’s question regarding the bible teachings over the respect of a married wife.


Sarah, Dr. Phil’s show, Kevin and Keith with his family are can be faulted in some of the instances and accounts mentioned.


Starting with Kevin, he is a pastor, a man of the cloth should respect what God has put together. He can only date Sarah once they are legally divorced. He should have rather sort to help Sarah build back her marriage rather than advising her to break off and move to Africa.

He just broke one of the God’s ten commandments in the bible which states that ‘Do not admire the wife of your neighbor’


Sarah sounds like victim of a bad marriage result. As much as her husband had turned against her expectation, she should have either sorted at first, a reconciliation method and marriage counselling rather than visiting an online dating site.

She acted under depression and stress thus tempering with her irrational thinking. From her accounts, she wishes to find rather a new world rather than a stable marriage! That is why she resorted to dating into a different continent.

Keith And Family

The husband to Sarah did a commendable job to restoring his love for his wife after realizing that it was on a fence. Going for marriage guidance and counselling was the best option he could cling on.

But however, his accounts on Dr. Phil TV talks shows reveals how the Western world have continued to stereotype and promote discrimination to the African continent.

Keith is afraid that she will get lost in African jungle and get eaten by roaming jackals!

As if that is not enough, their mother actually says that Africa is a very poor continent, with wide spread of terrorism, thus they fear about the life of their daughter.

Dr. Phil himself, doesn’t bother to ask them if they would have accepted Sarah to move on to the new life if the next suitor was not an African.

For their own information, Africa is a hotbed of prosperity and development, terrorism is a worldwide menace which doesn’t discriminate either!

Our animals are not roaming, they are actually a source of income from game parks, reserves and animal orphanages across the continent!





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